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Podcast ~ Where Does Language Come From?   
Reading Our Times Languages come and languages go – but mostly nowadays they go. According to the Cambridge Handbook of Endangered Languages, nearly 90% may have died out by the end of the century.

What do we lose when we lose a language? Indeed, what is a language? What does it do? How does it work? And what does it say about human beings and our shared culture?  In this episode of Reading our Times, Nick Spencer talks to Alexandra Aikhenvald, Foundation Director of the Language and Culture Research Centre and Distinguished Professor at James Cook University in Australia, about her book I Saw the Dog: How language works

Podcast ~ One Womans Quest to Preserve Endangered Language
Late Night Live.  Alexandra Aikhenvald has devoted a lifetime of fieldwork to documenting minority languages, travelling from the swamplands of Papua New Guinea to a remote village in Brazilian Amazonia. She tells Phillip why it is essential to keep the world's endangered languages alive.

Songs for Dyirbal

Dyirbal Songs Booklet (.pdf)

Dyirbal Song Poetry  (book)

Traditional songs of an Australian Rainforest People

Collected, edited & analysed by R.M.W Dixon & Grace Koch. This collection of songs was published with the book Dyirbal Song Poetry in January 1996 by University of QLD Press (UQP). For information on where to purchase the book visit the UQP website. The accompanying CD booklet is available as a download and includes more information about each song.